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My Pediatrician is a Beast

My pediatrician is probably a great doctor (I have no way to measure that, as I don’t know how to be a doctor myself). She is warm and kind toward my daughter, very knowledgeable, has a cell phone for after hours questions, and is always professional and courteous with us as a family.

Patient room #2, our favorite

But gosh dangit this lady has been so helpful for ME. By the time of my baby’s second checkup [4 weeks?], this wonderful woman had the audacity and tact to politely tell me to take a chill pill. She saw the nervous wreck I was becoming, using an app to track to the minute every feeding, diaper, statistic and question. She heard all of the research I was referencing. And God bless her, she wasn’t afraid to tell me to relax. I tend to lean towards the side of anxiety when it comes to important things that depend on me; this baby is very important and because of breastfeeding, definitely dependent on me.

I don’t know why it took a complete stranger telling me to calm down and trust myself and my baby, but it worked. Once she gave me permission to stop stressing, I stopped. I am forever grateful that she taught me this lesson early on in our journey, because if she hadn’t, there’s a good chance I’d still be able to tell you the exact time, color and consistency of Babe’s last bowel movement.

You guys, this is the ear wax meteor they pulled out of my child. Mom's fingernail for scale.

I already know that once my tot is older I’ll miss her. Til then, our well-visits will continue to be some of my favorite dates. THANK YOU, amazing pediatricians of the world! THANK YOU to those professionals who can do their job like a boss while being completely human and warm. THANK YOU, members of my village who are crucial to my mom-development, even if I have to pay every time I see you. You're still the real MVPs.

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