• Erica Saville

I Am a Great Mom

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

You might have read that title and thought, “Who is this lady? How can she say that?”

And that’s a big problem. I am a great mom. YOU are a great mom. You wouldn’t be reading momblogs if you weren’t. But we are so accustomed to thinking about our struggles and our imperfections and our oops-moments, that we aren’t used to hearing anyone say that they’re doing a good job. And we DEFINITELY aren’t used to saying it about ourselves.

Why is that?

I’m a great mom because my kid feels love every day of her life.

Do I know everything? Far from it.

Do I make mistakes? I’ve made 2 or 3 just today and it’s only 8:15am.

Do I feel like I’m barely hanging on? A good portion of the time.

And I’m quite sure that my being a great mom has come at the expense of being a good anything else. I am no longer a great employee. I have doubts about being a great wife. I’m certainly less of a friend.

But I love the snot out of my kid (literally, thanks to the NoseFrida) and I think she knows it.

She is fed and warm and thriving. And that’s enough for me to meet the criteria for a Great Mom Award. Can you imagine a world in which women were out here saying and believing that they’re great at what they do? Can you imagine how different mamahood would be if we let ourselves admit that we’re doing an awesome job?

Say it with me, even if you don’t believe it: I. am. a. great. mom.

How did it feel? Dirty? Wrong? Selfish?

Try it again. Keep saying it until you start to believe it. Keep saying it and realize that it feels good. Keep saying it even if you start to cry because you realize you’ve never said it before.

Part of being a village is that we need to encourage one another; but it’s also important to encourage yourself. Be encouraged, mama. You got this.

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